What should we Consider for Replacing the Patio door of Glass?

replacement of patio doors

Sliding patio doors are considered best for outdoors and a good source of lighting up the indoor area.  Glass door can be easily broken with the strike of any stone or heavy thing and what we have to do is to replace that immediately because it ruins the appearance of the outdoor area. Few things we need to consider for replacing the door. Check it out

  • Trim

Sliding patio doors replacement doesn’t mean to remove the whole door and fit the new one. Several things we need to do is to trim with the help of a pry bar and hammer. Protect your hands with gloves because it’s not easy to handle the broken glass it’s dangerous.

  • Removing Glass

It’s possible that few pieces would get stuck into the frame, so it’s essential to wipe off all the residue. Usage of the putty knife can save you in removing the seal around the trimmed area.

  • New Glass

The tape measure is the best thing to evaluate the size of the replaced glass. First, do the measurement of height & width then quarter inch must be removed from measurement to get the accurate size.  If you don’t want to cut by yourself, then get the glass of precise size of cut from any glass shop. Deliver the glass because it’s not possible to place that in car and protection is a priority.

  • Glass Fitting

Do a proper inspection when glass arrives. In case edges are not trim then straight gently with a glass cutter. Avoid making deep cuts because it can break the glass. Do check the final measurement once more time for confirming either the glass edges are straight or not. Fit the glass gently into the place by putting another thin bead of caulk on the top.

  • Replacement of Trim

Remove the trim and placing it back to the place in one corner and move it to the other edge. Keep it positioned so it can make it secure by doing proper tacks down into the door.

These are the main steps that are considered at the time of replacement of patio door. You need to consider the professional services that are best in replacement because it is the task of only experts and they have to be much more conscious during installation and replacement.