4 Things to consider while turning attic space into living room


To increase the living space of a house is the dream of many owners. But sometimes extension adds another room is very expensive. There is another way to get a new living space – this is a room in the attic. In this case, the costs will not be so big. And how the loft is made from the attic with his own hands and will be discussed in this article.

Get to know the purpose of the room

Conversion of the attic into the living room is not a difficult job. If the room under the roof is fully equipped and adapted for a comfortable stay, then it can automatically turn into the loft. Figure out everything in detail to turn loft space into a contented living room. If you need any type of loft boarding then you can fit in for the comfortable access to the living room. Loft boarding in Essex is also adjusted smartly within a living room.


A bedroom located in the attic or any other room in the attic should be warm. Therefore, your most important task will be warming. In this case, the arrangement of the heat-insulating layer should be made both on the attic floor and under the slopes. Get the best insulation done for keeping home warmer in winters and chilled in summers.

Follow Some decorating tips

We need to think in advance what material will be the finishing of the walls and ceiling in the room under the roof. What type of material is easy to use, practical and durable? From wall designs to ceiling designs we need to keep in consideration. Is there a space for hanging ornaments in the attic? Choose everything with perfect contrasts to increase the aesthetic beauty of living space.

 Arrangement of windows

A room in the attic will not be cozy without natural light. You can only expand the dormer window from the ends of the roof. This option is reasonable. But for more satisfaction, it is better to make the windows in the slopes themselves, the so-called attic option.

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